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Davenport City Council- 6th Ward, 2019

My name is

Ben Jobgen.

I am asking for you to vote for me as the Alderman to represent the 6th Ward of Davenport.  I am a proud, lifelong, resident of the City of Davenport.  I am a married, father of two, who works as a physical therapist.  

I have decided to campaign for Davenport City Council, as I do not feel the 6th Ward has received the representation it deserves.  My goal is to be the voice on the council the 6th Ward deserves.

Therefore, I have decided to run for office, in order to represent citizens the way I believe it should be performed.

To exercise your voice

Vote for Ben Jobgen

My basic philosophy regarding government is that we elect officials to share our voice, and vote for our needs.  Recently this has not occurred for the citizens in the 6th Ward.  I have been angered when leaving meetings in which many citizens bring up valid arguments against a project, and when the time has come to vote, our council member has voted against the will of the citizens in the ward.

My priority as Alderman is to be an extension of the citizens of the 6th Ward, as the council continues to work to make Davenport an excellent city in which to reside.

Ben Jobgen

Vote for

The 6th Ward has seen a change in their representation the last two years.  While I believe our current council member has made some positive changes for the ward, I feel there have also been opportunities in which we could have received better representation.  I look forward to continuing the positive changes, such as maintaining regular ward meetings.  However, I look to change how residents of the ward are represented, by actually voting in favor of their concerns, such as cases of contentious rezoning, as well as work to persuade other council members to vote in the same manner. My focus is to be an influential voice of our ward on the Davenport City Council.

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